Domina Files 41



Mistress Nina - Brussels, Belgium

At less than 15 minutes by car from Brussels we found the domain of Mistress Nina, a stunning Asian mistress. She has converted her complete house into a full dungeon, complete with a large outdoor area. There she puts on of her slaves in bondage to serve him a double bull whip treatment; then she submits a couple to her whim with nipple clamps, bondage and the riding crop to top it off with an incredible suspension scene where she takes a beautiful young submissive girl to a breathtaking climax. Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage of Brussels.

Domina Files 40



Rowena's Great Below - Rotterdam, Holland

For stern treatment Domina Rowena, a Sublime Mistress of the O.W.K. situated in the harbour city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands uses different methods to enslave her willing subjects. Witness firm ball kicking and extreme foot worship, bondage and the whip, she uses like no other to humiliate the three slaves in this action packed BDSM-movie. Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage of the city of Rotterdam.

Domina Files 39


Mistress Demonic - North West Kent, England

Just a few minutes away from the Ebbsfleet International train station and the Dartford Crossing lies the spacious dungeon of Mistress Demonic, known for her great medical play, CBT, nipple torture, CP, humiliation, degradation, role play and slave training. In this movie she submits a slave girl to her whim using the cane and when Fifi La Poo, one of her slaves arrives too late for his session, he gets punished both by Mistress Demonic and her slave girl. Another slave gets his balls crushed in a great CBT scene and even electro is not spared to submit the devoted slaves to her wicked plans. Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and footage of North West Kent and London.

Domina Files 38


Herrin Silvia - Berlin, Germany

Herrin Silvia is a legend of our time, a leather clad goddess, who knows how to humiliate submissive men with her cunning bondage techniques, stern commands and the whip. She has her own exquisite line of fabulous DVDs with the label Studio Berlin - and we could not resist the temptation to film her in action for the Domina Files. See how she humiliates he slave with her cigarette, that he is forced to eat, witness the classic interrogation scene and hear the whiplashes, feel the nipple clamps and see the "snake" find its way to the most intimate parts of his body, to be followed by the metal probes that drive the slave to lustful madness. This DVD is not for the faith-hearted as it shows Herrin Silvia at her best in her own dungeon. Complete with inter-view segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage of the city of Berlin.

Domina Files 37


Mistress Madieanne @ Peculiar Desires House Part 2 - Amsterdam, Holland

When we completed filming one of the most successful DVDs in the Domina Files series, volume 3, there was so much left untouched in the mind of Mrs. Madieanne that she invited our film crew back for a second part in her Peculiar Desires Home. See how she submits her willing slave to superb rubber bondage, a complete transformation into a rubber doll and submission beyond belief. A must have for latex and strict bondage fans around the world! Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage of the city of Amsterdam.

Domina Files 36

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Purple Palace - Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide’s best and brightest professional SM studio is The Purple Palace, owned and dominated by South Australia’s ravishing & seductive Mistress Gabrielle! From her elaborate, custom-designed latex wardrobe, to her 5 purpose-built dungeon playrooms, Gabrielle’s Purple Palace is a fantasy comes true for anyone with a kink! Care to try the electrical cock and ball torment? Fancy a SM clinic treatment that will keep you in stitches… literally? Need some schooling from Mistress Gabrielle as she whips her students into shape in the raunchiest classroom scene we’ve ever filmed! All this, plus fascinating personal interview footage on this amazing DVD!

Domina Files 35

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Lady Tabea Sandoval - Aachen, Germany

Besides the world famous Aachen Cathedral which was erected back in 786 AD on the orders of Charlemagne, once ruler of most of Europe, just outside the city in a small suburb on an industrial estate a modern ruler is in strict control of her rubber and bondage domain: Lady Tabea Sandoval. In her two room dungeon and one white room she knows how to control submissive men and women, using her skills as a Japanese rope artist. She is stunning in her rubber outfit, dominating her slave into submission using various tools and a very potent cream!  Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage of the city of Aachen, Germany.

Domina Files 34

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Dominas Realm - Melbourne, Australia

Dominas Realm, in Melbourne, boasts Victoria’s oldest licensed brothel premises, even though the well-known fantasy studio specializes exclusively in bondage, domination, fetishism and SM! With its 5 fully-equipped play chambers, plus private patio for outdoor discipline, it’s no wonder Dominas Realm is one of the best known dungeons in Australia! Join our Domina Files film crew as they document full body rope suspension, boot worship, strap-on humiliation and erotic flagellation dispensed by some of the best professional mistresses in Melbourne! Plus dungeon tour footage and informative interview segments with the mistresses!

Domina Files 33

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Mistress Verena & SM Studio Antwerpen, Belgium

In the Belgian town of Antwerp stands a house with two floors with a huge BDSM room and a White Room where Mistress Verena, a stunning black haired dominatrix reigns with a firm hand and the crack of her many whips. See how Mistress Verena puts two docile slaves in bondage, hear the whiplashes and see the candle wax drip; feel the nipple clamps and then witness her helpless slaves in black and white rubber suits bound in the White Room driven to ecstasy with the Terminator, a merciless device in the hands of the mistress. Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage of the city of Antwerp. A must have DVD for bondage and rubber fans who love to see a double slave treatment with lots of CBT, boot worship and above all, a stunning dominatrix in hot steamy action!

Domina Files 32

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 DOMINA FILES Volume 32:

Studio Alex Ley - Düsseldorf, Germany

The sensual and wondrous world of Studio Alex Ley in the German town of Düsseldorf is only a short trip from the city’s airport. Come and see two gorgeous young women live their BDSM fantasy to the max with bondage, clamps, rubber encasement and just pure lust. Lady Olivia trains the bizarre beast Sofie using every trick in the book and then some more… as she herself has learned from one of Germany’s best, studio owner Alex Ley. Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and shots of the beautiful city.