Domina Files

Domina Fiiles 81


Domina Files volume 81

Mistress Noir at Club Weimar in The Hague

Located above a gentlemen’s club one has to climb several steep steps but…  the realm of Mistress Noir is worth every one. Noir specializes in making fantasy become a reality. She knows how to use her body and mind to make submissive men throw themselves on the floor and worship her boots. In this action packed movie we see the transformation of a slave into a slutty slave girl, only to be whipped by the mistress and treated “kindly” with a huge strap-on. The other slave cannot wait for his turn and is tied to a bondage bed where Mistress Noir has more in store for him than he can handle. Bondage, CBT, chastity training, wax, caning, whipping and orgasms – it is all there, hot, steamy and strict! Complete with a peek in the town of the Hague and an interview with Mistress Noir…

Domina Files 80


Domina Files volume 80

Fetish Files volume 8 – Cuckold with Mistress Hannah Price

Join us on a fetish journey, where fantasy is reality. Mistress Hannah Price welcomes you to her world of real-life fetish and female domination. No agency models: just real, genuine, authentic fetishists who live this lifestyle 24/7, seen through the experienced lens of world-renowned fetish photographer, Peter Felix Kurtz.
• Mistress Hannah takes a new slave: spanking, flogging, and cropping him.
• Nirvana Vixen joins Mistress Hannah and ties up her slave’s cock in rough string bondage.
• Mistress Hannah paces around the derelict swimming pool.
• After nipple clamps and cock torture with a pin wheel, Mistress Hannah’s slave is forced to cum.
• Mistress Hannah relaxes in the outdoor swimming pool on a hot summer’s day... dressed head to toe in latex, of course!
• Nirvana Vixen has a new slave boyfriend. Mistress Hannah is not happy as she wants her girlfriend all to herself. The unfortunate slave is secured in bondage and forced to watch whilst Mistress Hannah makes him a cuckold. Turning their attentions to the hapless slave, the two Mistresses edge him until he can take no more. He is rewarded by being allowed to jerk himself off, whilst his two cruel Mistresses laugh at him.

Domina Files 79


Domina Files volume 79

Lady Dolora & Mrs Kirstin, Hassloch, Germany

It is rare that a Domina Files movie actually becomes a file. In this stunning film we see how two stern mistresses dominate several slaves, including a never seen before pig and butcher fantasy role play in every aspect of the game. Not for the light hearted. Then there is outdoor pony play on the streets, indoor play including severe whipping, bondage and lots of clamps – and this all in a stunning villa turned into a BDSM mansion. Unfortunately, the house of Lady Dolora and Mistress Kristen can no longer be visited as it shut down at the end of 2013. It leaves us with an action packed film of what happened there… but both mistresses are still active in other studios in Germany and can still be contacted!

Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and behind the scenes footage.

Domina Files 78


Domina Files volume 78

featuring Mistress Luciana di Domizio

Usually Mistress Luciana di Domizio works out of a small dungeon in either Essen or Düsseldorf in Germany but for this DVD she used the Fetish Apartment in Dortmund which provides a great play space with huge rooms. The Mistress allows her zentai-suit clad slave to clean her boots and high heels, followed by some bondage on the cross with heavy CBT. His nipples are not spared either. Then, the slave needs to show his respect for her huge strap-on that finds more than one hole to fill,

teaching the slave a lesson he will not forget soon. Join Mistress Luciana and the SPI film crew on this kinky and sadistic adventure that only the Domina Files can bring to you.


Domina Files 77


Domina Files volume 77

featuring Lady Claire

When Lady Claire bought the world renowned Doma Studio in the Hague over a year ago, she was determined to turn this wonderful place into something fantastic. Full of energy, bustling with new ideas, great skills and new gadgets she has transformed the place into a dream for any submissive man, woman or couple. In this action packed movie she shows us how she has been able to complete this transformation and the poor slave has to take it all with clamps, whips, severe bondage in a bondage bag and a grand finale using a milking machine that forces prolonged ejaculations. Pleasure becomes the ultimate punishment! Complete with interview segments, a dungeon tour and footage of the beautiful city of the Hague.

Domina Files 76


Domina Files 76

featuring Mistress January Seraph

January Seraph is one of the most fierce and stunning Dominas in Los Angeles, and we paid a visit to her exclusive dungeon and documented the kinky and torturous treatments that she would deliver to her willing slaves.  A lesson in servitude, followed by a well deserved over the knee spanking sets one slave straight before being strung up by his ankles and subjected to ample amounts of CBT. Another misbehaving slave boy fails to follow simple instructions and finds his cock in very strict hands. His cock and balls are tormented heavily, leaving him weak in the knee

Domina Files 75


Domina Files volume 75

featuring Mistress Shane

One of our most successful volumes in this series cried for a follow-up as a lot of things changed since we last filmed with the stunning American Mistress in her old dungeon (Volume 5). Mistress Shane moved back to the heart of Antwerp. She now has a huge dungeon with multiple rooms, filled to the brim with stunning gear, toys and everything a true submissive can dream of.

In this action packed film she is assisted by Mistress Shri and both dominate a range of slaves, submit them to sound and dildo-training with huge strap-ons to humiliate their subjects to the max. Bondage, CBT, chastity training, wax, caning and whipping, orgasms – it is all there, hot and steamy! A must have collectors DVD that will keep you gasping for air when you see Mistress Shane and  Mistress Shri  in action!

Domina Files 74


Fetish Files 7 - Domina Files volume 74

featuring Mistress Hannah

Join us on a fetish journey, where fantasy is reality. Mistress Hannah Price welcomes you to her world of real-life fetish and female domination. No agency models: just real, genuine, authentic fetishists who live this lifestyle 24/7, seen through the experienced lens of world-renowned fetish photographer, Peter Felix Kurtz.Adreena is locked in a human-sized bird-cage. Mistress Hannah & Natalie taunt her with their huge strapons, before making her suck them like a slut.Shot on location at Fetters, probably the world's leading manufacturer of bondage equipment, Mistress Hannah uses Tallulah Tease. After releasing Tallulah from a cage, Mistress Hannah fucks her on a bondage swing, then straps her to a gyno-chair before fucking her some more.Mistress Hannah borrows Lady Louella's dungeon for the day, where she and Natalie can tease Adreena to their hearts content. After some sensual spanking and flogging, Adreena is forced to orgasm.Natalie should be working in the FetishFoto office. However, she is soon browsing porn and jerking her big black strapon like a horny guy. Mistress Hannah catches her at it and reprimands her wayward rubber cock.Sexy clinic nurses, Adreena and Natalie, can't wait to get their hands on each other when Mistress Hannah leaves the room. However, the action continues once Mistress Hannah returns.

Domina Files 73


DOMINA FILES volume 73

Maitresse Xawana in Liege, Belgium

The dungeon of this stunning, tall and beautiful dark Mistress is situated in the outskirts of industry town of Liege in Belgium – located next to a printer with plenty of parking space, the print presses next door dampen all sounds made by submissive visitors to this unique studio. Though there are multiple rooms, there is some much equipment and so many toys that it seems like one huge BDSM play ground. In this DVD Maîtresse Xawana submits two willing slaves to an extended session, including bondage, CBT, nipple clamps, wax and no whips are spared. We see a stern mistress who really enjoys playing with her slaves and that splashes off the screen in this action packed DVD. Complete with a peek in the town of Liège and an interview with Maîtresse Xawana (in the French language with subtitles). A must have collector’s item as this stunning lady will make you lick her boots and obey her wishes!


Domina Files 72


DOMINA FILES volume 72

Lady Nighthawk in Lommel, Belgium

The dominatrix in this DVD has a different approach to BDSM play and her multi room dungeon is well worth the long drive down into the Belgian countryside. An appointment must be made as Lady Nighthawk wants to devote time with her submissive clients – nothing is rushed and with over 30 years of experience she knows exactly how to play with your mind – and body. She shows us her bondage skills, uses the whip and cane on both her male and female slaves and does not spare the candle wax on the girl, strapped down on the bench. Lot of bondage, pony play, whipping as well as an in depth interview will keep your eyes glued to the screen, wanting more of Lady Nighthawks intriguing BDSM and mind play!