The Fetish Files 9

The Fetish Files 9 by Peter Felix Kurtz

featuring: Mistress Hannah Price

Mistress Hannah Price Smoking Sigars

An entire DVD devoted to cigar smoking and fine living - mansions, cocktail bars, rare cigars, vintage whiskeys and cognacs, and even a 1936 Rolls Royce - welcome to the world of Mistress Hannah Price!

The Fetish Files brings you a selection of opulent scenes dedicated to Mistress Hannah and her girlfriends smoking vintage cigars, drinking fine spirits and cocktails, always dressed in latex rubber, and using slaves as ashtrays and lighters.

No agency models - just real, genuine, authentic fetishists who live this lifestyle 24/7, seen through the experienced lens of world-renowned fetish photographer, Peter Felix Kurtz.

• Mistress Hannah stops her 1936 Rolls Royce coupé to enjoy her one of her favourite Dominican Churchill cigars, at an aggregate works on Lake Constance in Germany.

• In an atmospheric blue-lit bar, Mistress Hannah and Natalie smoke a Toro cigar, whilst drinking Cognac, sensually kissing, and stroking each others latex dresses and nylon pantyhosed legs.

• At her secret country mansion, Mistress Hannah uses two of her rubber-slaves as cigar-lighter and ashtray.

• Mistress Hannah and Jewell Marceau visit a bar, where they enjoy cocktails and share a cigar, whilst making the barman and TV waitress suitably uncomfortable.

• Wearing a latex catsuit and cat-hood, Mistress Hannah enjoys a Davidoff Churchill cigar, whilst drinking a fabulous 1967 Glen Ord single-malt scotch whiskey.

• Mistress Hannah sits on her Mistress Chair nonchalantly smoking a Dominican Toro cigar in the red-lit white-dungeon.

• FREE BONUS SCENE FROM TFF#5 - Mistress Hannah smokes a Cuban Churchill cigar, using a naked slave as lighter and ashtray. The slave was specially chosen by Mistress Hannah as he has a strong aversion to cigar smoke, piquing Mistress Hannah's enjoyment even more!

The Fetish Files 9

The Fetish Files  by Peter Felix Kurtz

Featuring Mistress Hannah Price

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